What is the Hollywood Smile?

Would you like to have a smile like Hollywood stars? Then we welcome you to our clinic.

Hollywood smile, known as Smile Makeover and, as the name suggests, is a smile aesthetic procedure inspired by the smiles of Hollywood celebrities. It is one of the most sought-after aesthetic operations. This procedure is the most searched in American search engines, and our country is the third in the world. People in our country have also shown a lot of interest in Hollywood Smile in recent years.

In personal interviews, our first attention is the eyes of the person in front of us. Later, lips, teeth, and smiles stand out. We can apply a smile design to you in our clinic for a stunning smile.

The main purpose of this procedure is to provide the person with healthy teeth and gums and a beautiful smile, depending on them. It is also expected to give teeth a white, symmetrical, and natural appearance. In addition to gaining an aesthetic appearance with ceramics adhered to the teeth, the teeth will also be protected from breakage and wear.

While applying the treatment, teeth, gums, lips, and face are evaluated as a whole. The size, structure, position, color, smile line, amount of teeth visible in speaking and lip movements, gender, age, and temperament of our patient guide us at the point of treatment.

A beautiful smile is necessary not only for an aesthetic appearance but also for one’s place in society and communication. Individuals who trust their smile are more successful and self-confident in their social, business, and daily lives than other individuals. A good laugh shows both our energy and our self-confidence.

What are the advantages of having a Hollywood Smile?

There are many advantages to having a Hollywood smile. We can list them as follows;

Provides an aesthetic and pleasant smile,

Your mouth structure becomes more symmetrical,

You will have whiter teeth,

The integrity of oral and dental health is ensured,

Your gums look healthier,

Makes you look young and energetic,

Your self-confidence increases,

You will have a symmetrical and aesthetic smile,

Your mouth is closed properly and correctly,

Creates an ideal smile for the face.

Who gets the Hollywood Smile?

A Hollywood smile can be made for anyone who wants a healthy and gorgeous smile. However, the following people are a priority;

Those who have irregularities in the alignment of their teeth,

Those who have a disproportion between teeth and gums,

Those who have gum problems,

Those with missing teeth,

Those who do not like their own smile,

Those who have problems with tooth lengths,

Those who have abnormal stains and colors on their teeth,

Those who will have implants and coatings,

It is an applied method.

Who can't get a Hollywood Smile?

Methods such as veneer, teeth whitening, implant, and gum aesthetics are used during the Hollywood smile procedure. Hollywood smile is not applied in the mistakes where it is impossible to apply these methods.

How to make a Hollywood Smile?

In general, it is a method completed with tooth whitening, procedure of porcelain laminate to the teeth, gingival operations, botox, lip fillings, and implant procedure if necessary. It is an procedure to be applied to at least 16 teeth. During the Hollywood Smile procedure, 5-7 different methods are applied. These methods are:

Gingivectomy (surgical removal of excess visible gums)

Pink aesthetic (it is the aesthetic procedure made to the gums)

Orthodontic treatments (removal of excess gaps between teeth),

Implant treatment

Teeth whitening

Coating Procedures

Lip augmentation

We do not have a rule that all these methods will be applied to everyone. Gingivectomy and pink aesthetics are not applied to our patients with no problems with their gums, and implants are not applied to those who do not have missing teeth. In veneer, the same procedures are not applied to every patient. Hollywood Smile is a method that is considered individually.

If the patient has a rotten tooth in his mouth, it should be treated; if there is a missing tooth, it should be removed with implants; if there is gum disease, it should be removed with gum treatments.

Our procedure is made as follows;

Our specialist dentists first examine our patients. Do they have rotten or broken teeth? Do you have a missing tooth? Do you have a problem with your gums? They identify them. The treatment of these detected disorders is primarily carried out.

After the treatment is completed, our patient’s mouth and tooth measurements are taken, and a smile prototype is created in line with our patient’s wishes. This prototype created is tested on the patient. It is put into practice if the patient is satisfied with this prototype.

If there are excessively crooked, very yellowed, over-spaced, and smaller teeth in the patient’s mouth, these are removed with the veneer. If there are missing teeth, implants are applied to them, and the missing teeth are completed. The completion of missing teeth is one of the most important stages of this procedure. After this process, teeth whitening is applied to ensure that all teeth are of a similar color to each other.

After these procedures, the upper gums may appear longer than desired in some patients. We call it the Gummy Smile, and the gummy Smile is an undesirable situation. To shorten the length of the gums, the gingivectomy method or botox procedure can be applied to the lips.

After all these procedures, the smile lines of the patients are checked, and the procedure is terminated.

What should be considered after the Hollywood Smile?

After the procedure, the following explanations should be paid attention to by the patient.

Abrasive toothpaste should not be used,

Toothpastes and brushes recommended by our physicians should be used,

Bad tooth-brushing habits should be abandoned

Teeth should be brushed as recommended by our dentists,

Polishing processes and polishing should not be applied, (These procedures may fade the teeth.)

The habit of using dental floss should be gained,

Avoid sugary foods and drinks,

Tea, coffee, and soda can remove the shine on the teeth; their consumption should be reduced,

Attention should be paid to the consumption of hard nuts such as walnuts and hazelnuts.


How Much Is a Smile Makeover In Antalya,Turkey?

Hollywood smile prices are personal and vary according to the type of treatment to be performed. Some patients may require implant treatment, some may require gingival surgery, and some may require botox. These procedures will determine the cost, and the most accurate price can be determined after the examination by our dentist. To see our current prices, visit our price page.

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